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We are a reputed multispecialty hospital of Jaipur with a reputation of delivering quality care tempered with compassion, empathy & total understanding. Each patient is our valued guest and all efforts are made to ensure we look after his/ her health care needs in totality. Our aim is to offer the patient a hospital stay. Wherein he/ she is fully rejuvenated & recovered back to a state of total physical, emotional & spiritual well being. Our hospital is equipped with all features required to look after every need of the patient including:-
1. Excellent team of well qualified doctors of all specialties & super specialties.
2. Caring ,compassionate, trained & qualified paramedical staff.
3. Latest & best equipment for each department.
4. Good ambience & clean environment.
5. Patient friendly approach by all.
6. Cafeteria facility for dietary concern.
7. Ambulance facility for patient.
8. Genset facility for back up electricity.
9. Qualified resident doctors available.
10. 10 bedded fully equipped ICU with all monitoring and resuscitative equipments staffed by highly trained ICU staff & monitored by expert residents round the clock.
11. NICU with 10 beds equipped with ventilator/ multipara monitor/ pulse oxymeter/ defibrillator/ radiant warmer / phototherapy & staffed by highly trained nursing staff along with pediatricians.
12. Five operating theaters fully equipped for all surgeries


Academics- We have affiliated nursing college &students undergoing training at our hospital where they are taught about all aspects of clinical medicine.

CSR-We collaborate with our NGO’s Maruthan social and welfare society and Enochy child welfare society to look after the underprivileged sections of society.

Financial support to underprivileged- We have system of sponsorship for medical needs of socially underprivileged groups.

E-Health- We provide health updates to our patients through sms system to educate them about health. Telemedicine consultation is also used for distant hospitals

Health check ups- We have facilities for executive health check ups for prevention of disease processes and early detection

Corporate tie ups- The corporate tie up cell caters to the special requirement of corporate customers including documentation, authorization, with smoothness and total patient comfort and ease.

International division- We have tie up with international TPA s for treatment of their beneficiaries while in India- EUROISKE of Norway, Swiss, Czech

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