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Our centre for diagnosis and management of all neurological disorders combines the skill of our team of experienced neurosurgeon and neurophysician along with all diagnostic facilities and well equipped neuro surgery op theatre.
We treat all the following ailments of the brain, spine and nervous system-

Brain Surgery for Abnormal Blood Vessels.
Brain Tumor (Benign and skull base tumor, malignant tumor, metastatic tumor, Pituitary tumor, Brain Stem Tumor).
Brain surgery for clot removal.
Brachial Plexus Surgery.
Neuro Angiography & Coiling of Aneurysms.
AVM & Tumor Embolization.
Neuro-muscular disorders.
Spinal Tumor Surgery.
Head Injury.
Ischemia of the brain.
Infectious Diseases of the Brain.
Degenerative diseases of the Spine or Disc related problems.
Spinal Injuries.
Infections of the spine.
Inter-vertebral & Movement Disorders.
Acute Stroke Management and Rehabilitation.
Epilepsy Centre including treatment for intractable Eplilepsy.
Dementia and Neurodegenerative Disease.
Headache and chronic pain management.
Brain Surgery
Brain Tumor Surgery including Brain Stem
Neurovascular Surgery
Surgery for Head Injury
Spine Surgery
Minimal Access Spine Surgery
Artificial Disc Replacement surgery
Spinal Injuries surgery
Peadiatric Neurosurgery
Peripheral Nerve Surgery and Brachial Plexus Surgery
Interventional Neuroradiology

Facilities –

  • Most advanced equipments to achieve the best results.
  • State of the Art Operation Theatres.
  • Laminar air flow, advanced DSA, High Tech Operating Microscope,
  • State of the Art Neuro ICU
  • The 5 bedded Neuro ICU is equipped with latest ventilators, monitors & defibrillators  by intensivists.
  • Latest Operating Microscope

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