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Department Of Paediatrics:

  1. Immunization Facility
  2. N.I.C.U. Facility
  3. Photo Therapy
  4. Incubator Facility
  5. Exchange Transfusion
  6. Paediatric Endoscopy & Laparoscopy

At MARUDHAR HOSPITAL, children have a special place. Our hospital has experience in catering to varied medical and surgical needs from newborns and toddlers to teenagers and adolescents. MARUDHAR HOSPITAL is the most preferred destination for parents whose children are ailing with complicated medical issues.

For Neonates (newborns), the NICU at MARUDHAR HOSPITAL are fully equipped to treat complex medical problems. Our paediatric wards are staffed with competent physicians, nurses and speciality consultants who are certified and trained. Special facilities include high frequency ventilation, nitric oxide delivery facilities and ECMO. Paediatric surgeons are involved in the care of babies before birth when prenatal screening detects congenital malformations that can be corrected.

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