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The department of Internal Medicine consists of senior consultants, who have trained and worked at leading medical Institutes in India. The department provides a broad range of services for diagnosis and treatment of multiple medical problems. It includes the following

Management of chronic diseases

involving multi-system is done by senior consultants of the Department of Medicine, where co-ordinations between different specialist & holistic care of patient is made available.

Infectious diseases

are a major problem in this part of the world. It includes Malaria, Typhoid fever, Tuberculosis, HIV, Dengue fever etc. Most of these diseases are present with fever & general symptoms, which are investigated in-depth & treated. Sometimes these diseases present as Septicaemia & shock.

Management of drug overdoses & poisoning

Marudhar Hospital is equipped with world class Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with step-down intensive care wards. Intensive care units have all modern facilities with very efficient nursing care with one-to-one patient to nurse ratio.

Environmental diseases

which include diseases that occur due to Industrial chemical exposure, drowning, electrical injuries, radiation injuries, snake bite, lizard bite, dog bite, insect or scorpion bite are treated in the Department of Internal Medicine.

Senior consultants of the Department of Internal Medicine are involved in pre-operative checks in addition to anesthetists; assessment to manage & pick up existing medical problem prior to surgical procedures as well as to take appropriate measures prior to surgeries. Often consultants are required to manage medical problems co-existing with surgical conditions pre-operatively, post operatively & during intra-operation period. Super-specialists are also called in whenever required.

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